Green Sweet Iron Juice

This sweet delight is light, crisp and delicious….who said juices need to taste bad because they are green? This one will convince you! Ingredients: 1-2 green kiwis cubed 1 cup of green grapes 2 cups of packed spinach 1 lime peeled 1 cup of ice cubes Directions In a high speed blender, combine all ingredients…

Jugo de Avena
Oatmeal Juice

When most think oatmeal…you think creamy and hot. But this is cold, delicious and refreshing. Yes you might be pleasantly surprised! Try it! Ingredients 1 cup of oatmeal (not instant) 1 litter of skim milk 1 cup of granulated sugar OR 24 packets of Splenda juice of 2 lemons/limes 2 cups of ice Directions In…

Pink Iron Smoothie

Ingredients 1 small beet, cooked 1/2 cup raspberries 2 apricots, peeled and sliced 1 tbs honey 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional) 1/2 avocado 1 frozen banana 1 cup milk of your choice Directions Blend all the ingredients together to obtain a smooth creamy consistency. Enjoy!

Liver Cleanse Juice

Been told you have a fatty liver? Or you just want something good, healthy & refreshing. Here it is. Ingredients 1/2 bunch of parsley 1 lemon (peeled and cut in four) 1 cucumber (I used an english cucumber) 16 oz water Directions: Blend blend away! Enjoy over ice.

Chia Water

This is one that will hydrate, energize you and allow you to feel good about what your choice of beverage is. Ingredients 24 ounces water or coconut water2 tablespoons chia seeds2 teaspoons honey2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Directions Divide the water and chia seeds into two cups. Stir well to avoid clumps, and set aside…