Pesto Turkey & Ham Wrap

A lunch that you will not soon forget. The key ingredient, pesto. Combined with the honey turkey, the ham and provolone, exquisite! Try it!


2 large flour tortillas

¼ cup pesto, divided

1 cup cherry tomato, halved, divided

1/2 lb honey turkey, sliced, divided

1/2 lb of ham, sliced, divided

2 oz Romaine leaves, divided

4 slices provolone cheese, halved


Warm the tortillas (if desired) in the microwave in 30-second intervals, until flexible. Transfer to a clean work surface.

Spread on half the pesto on each tortilla.

Divide the tomatoes, turkey, ham and lettuce, and provolone between the tortillas.

Wrap the tortillas tightly and cut wrap in two. Serve with favorite chips (optional)

You can also cut into pinwheels by sticking 6 toothpicks 1-inch apart into the wraps along the seam. Slice between the toothpicks and serve.


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