Roasted “Rainbow” Carrots

Yes! Colors! Love them! These beautiful colored carrots not only are amazing for you and your health but they are also a treat to you and guests eyes!

If you feel bored of eating orange carrots I have the answer for you. These colorful carrots will have subtle differences in taste and they color comes naturally.


2 lb bag of organic colored carrots.

1/2 tbs of salt

1/4 tbs of pepper

Cooking spray.

1/4 cup of water for drizzling cooking carrots


Slice your carrots about 1/4”. Trying your best for them to be the same size (most of them)

Spray a flat iron or non stick large skillet. Add all your carrots. Season it with last and pepper and spray with cooking spray generously.

Stir your carrots constantly for about 10-12 minutes. For the last 4-5 minutes try not to stir them so they will build a caramelized surface.

If you find they are getting too dry too quick lower the heat and drizzle with water. Enjoy!

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