Sweet Plantain Sweetness



2 yellow plantains (preferably those that are black, over ripe)

3 Tbs of butter

1/2 of brown sugar

2 Tsp of ground cinnamon


Peel and cut the plantains in 1/2-1” rounds

Heat a heavy bottom pan or cast iron skillet over medium high heat.

Melt the butter, pour in 1/2 of the sugar. Stir to make sure it incorporates with butter.

Add the plantains, make sure they are all nice and flat. Sprinkle 1 tsp of cinnamon (reserve the other 1 tsp) Lower the heat and let the plantains cook for about 5 minutes. This will give them a nice crust.

Turn so the other side will get cooked as well, and sprinkle the last of the cinnamon. If the pan get too dry add 1 more Tbs of butter. After 4 minutes or so serve warm and enjoy!

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