Different Types of Salami

As a family that consists of Latinos, we know a thing or two about salami, one of our cultures’ most popular types of meat. There are over hundreds of different types and qualities of salami, ranging from genoa to Felino. But the salami we tend to use are far more common in your average supermarket, and can be found for reasonable prices. Here are a few major types of salami that we think you should know.

Smoked Salami is a general type of salami, that can be found in tight packages like these. Chances are, you’ve seen these packs of meat in your local supermarket. This specific brand and type of salami is popular among the Latino culture, as well as my personal favorite. Its main ingredients consist of pork and beef, which give the salami that rich taste, whether smoked, stewed, or fried. Because of its properties, smoked salami can be cooked a multitude of ways!

Alternatively, there is a healthier choice. Who woulda thunk? There is an option to purchase some kinds of turkey based salami. Their taste is a little smoother, and they are far healthier, despite the cooking methods.

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