Tipsy Oxtails

Through the years I always wondered why my mother had rum, white wine and at least a bottle of beer in the kitchen. She never drank alcohol, still doesn’t. Little did I know those were some of her “secret” ingredients in the kitchen.

These Oxtails are not only falling off the bones but deliciously full of flavor.


2-3lbs of Oxtails (it can be previously frozen)

1.5 cups of sofrito

1 Tbs of salt

1/4 cup of tomato paste

1 Tbs of white sugar

1/4 of julienne green pepper

Juice of 3-4 limes/lemon

1/2 cup of dark rum (I used Barcelo)

1 cup of sparkling white wine


In a bowl wash your oxtails with the juice of lemons/limes. Let it sit with the lemon/lime juice for at least 20 minutes.

Drain some of the lemon juice and season it with the sofrito and rum let it marinate for at least 1 hour.

In a large heavy pot over medium hot heat let the 1tbs of sugar. When it turns brown and it starts to smoke, pour the oxtails in. Stir well making sure that all pieces is being saute. As you stir, pour the wine in and make sure you scrape all brown bits in the pot.

Pour in water enough to cover the oxtails and place a lid and let it boil for at least an hour stirring every 20 minutes, adding more water if needed. At the end of the hour pinch the oxtails. If is not very tender add water and time. It will be worth it.

When the meat is tender and there is very little water left, dissolve the tomato paste in 1/2 cup of hot water and pour it in the oxtails, add the peppers and cover for 5-10 minutes until most of the water evaporates. We want it to get saucy not dry.

Stir well and place in a big bowl

Serve over a bed rice or plantains. enjoy!

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