Philadelphia Roll Sushi Recipe


1 cup Sushi Rice cooked

1 Cucumber

6 pcs Smoked Salmon

6 oz of creme cheese

2 sheets Nori Seaweed

2 Tablespoon black Sesame Seeds (optional)


Peel the cucumber and cut into half lengthwise.

Place your nori seaweed on your Sushi mat. Use a sushi mat wrapped in plastic so that the sushi won’t stick.

Spread your cooked sushi rice (about 2-3 Tablespoons aside) rice all over your nori seaweed.

Slice a small amount of creme cheese the same length of your cucumbers. Give or take.

Place a cucumber half over the creme cheese and arrange 1 or 2 pieces of salmon.

Take the seaweed with the toppings to the border of your mat, hold with both hands and start to roll in your sushi.

Continue to roll in your sushi and press down with both hands to create a tight wrap. Roll until you have a tight sushi roll

Place sushi roll on one side of your mat and sprinkle sesame seeds (if using) all over the rest of the mat.

Take the sushi from the bamboo mat and cut into 1 inch or 2 centimeter thick slices or so that you are left with about 8 thick slices. Remember it would be nice if there are perfect but they don’t HAVE to.

Arrange the Philadelphia roll on a serving plate and serve with soya wasabi dipping options and some pickled sliced ginger.

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