Layered Berry Chia Pudding

The thing about chia pudding is its versatility and the endless combinations you can make. By keeping it fresh and different you can have chia pudding for breakfast many many days (not back to back jajajaj) but you will feel like you are having a different delight each and every time.

We will start with the basic chia pudding recipe and build this one


16 oz of chia pudding Enough for two servings (3/4 of a mason jar)

8 strawberries

8 blackberries

You will need your blender.


Divide your 16 oz of chia pudding in three equal portions.

Blend 1/3 with the strawberries set aside

Blend another 1/3 with the blackberries

In a glass or mason jar if in a hurry…layer your puddings and make it look beautiful.

Top with your favorite fruits, nuts and enjoy!!

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