Infused H2O


When you are trying to cut serious calories intake that come from sugary drinks, carbonated sodas, energy drinks, making your own infused water might be the answer.

The possibilities are endless and when you keep them handy they are refreshing and amazing.

The choice of water is up to you. How you make the servings is up to you. Whether you drink 8oz, 16oz or a pitcher at a time, the guilt will turn into pride when you drink these as supposed to a soda, juice or any other type of drink that will give you unnecessary preservatives, additives, and of course empty calories.


Water bottles





Green apples


Cinnamon Sticks


In water bottles make the following combinations

Orange and lime

Apples and cinnamon

Cucumber and mint

Orange, lemon and mint

OR-AND any combination your heart desires!

The benefits of these are endless and include………..

Drinking more water throughout your day

Appetite supression

Cleaning out your kidneys

Clearing your skin

Increase your energy levels and MORE

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