Three Power Punch Grains – Quinoa, Wild Rice, and Chia

Considering grains are a wonderful side dish or ingredient to many entrees, it’s always good to try things out of your comfort zone. For example, different kinds of rice may have different textures and tastes, you never know unless you try! And other grains like quinoa and chia may go good in a multitude of recipes, such as but not limited to salads, pudding, or a compliment to a juicy steak.

Wild rice isn’t your typical rice—unlike the traditional bright color and soft texture upon cooking, these grains remain dark and coarse, giving it a nut-like taste profile. This also makes way for health benefits: low number of calories, manganese for healthy mitochondria in your cells, and high amounts of fiber.

Quinoa is a gluten free approach to the world of grain. For those of you watching those numbers, try incorporating it in your meals! Further more, it contains healthy amounts of all nine amino acids, making the grain a compatible protein for vegetarians, vegans and others who substitute their meats in their food.

Chia seeds are one of nature’s universal ingredients, as they can be put in practically any dish and mixture, if done correctly! That and they’re full of antioxidants and glucomannan, making them a weight-loss diet’s best friend. Fuse this with your water for the day and you have a healthy (possibly tasty) alternative to your regular water bottle. That’s my favorite approach!

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